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Blog: Bring Back My Banjo!

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You find me in my WORK waiting to head out to the PUB, so I thought I'd tell you about the ACTION PACKED WEEKEND I just had. It started in RAMSGATE, heading back from the gig - i was actually only a few miles from the EARTHQUAKE (I'd just got on the train at Ramsgate when it hit, in fact) but sadly didn't feel anything. BAH!

Shortly after I'd got home myself and the Epicentre Of My Earthquake headed out down Leytonstone High Road to Holiday Music, there to buy a GUITAR. The aforesaid Rating On My Richter Scale has been learning to play guitar for the past six months or so, and so far we've managed it so that i'm not playing a GIG when she's got SCHOOL, so she's been able to use my guitar. HOWEVER, Tuesday's GIG at The Henry Holland is a DIRECT CLASH, so a new AXE was required.

When we arrived I noticed that the BANJO i'd coveted since we last went to the shop was still there. I EYED it longingly for a few minutes, until two blokes came in and picked it up, LAUGHING. "Stop laughing at my banjo!" I thought, and then became more upset as they LARKED ABOUT trying to play Duelling Banjos on it. "HOw Humorous! LOL!" they seemed to say. "GET OFF, Leave it ALONE!" I fumed, inwardly.

And then they took it to the counter and BOUGHT IT! Right in front of me!!!

I was Quite Upset, but BRAVELY battled through and into a VERY enjoyable session of Guitar Trying, which culminated in the purchase of a WELL POSH Cort Acoustic. OOH, it's lovely! I've spent a LOT of time "trying" it (I'm very helpful like that) and now i am ALSO coveting the LOVELY guitar bag we've got for it - mine is falling to bits, but this one's all PADDED on the inside with DELIGHTFUL straps and is all round COOL. WANT ONE!

Today we all rose early as a household to go on an outing. It has been EXHAUSTING, but SATISFYING: if anyone in London heard a loud noise at intervals today it was the reverberations of us TICKING things. We went to Trafalgar Square, had a coffee in the National Gallery Cafe, popped downstairs to look at some of the Van Goghs, and then went back outside to see some of the Vaisakhi festivities. NEXT we strolled through Covent Garden, bought some trainers (nice), then got some FELAFELS for lunch. ALL these items had been on a List Of Things To Do, my dears it was an operation of RUTHLESS efficiency!

We then NIPPED into the museum, on paper to see the Elgin Marbles (called The Parthenon Sculptures officially, to avoid RUBBING IT IN i guess) but actually being a lot more interest by the Rosetta Stone, which is GRATE.

And THEN, charged up with A THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE we went on an extensive WALKING TOUR of Bloomsbury, that we'd got out of a BOOK. It was LOVELY - Bloomsbury is ALWAYS pretty, but it was especially so in this weather, and ESPECIALLY especially Queens Square, which I've never been to before. As we discussed on the way round, it all felt like a trip back in time, not to Georgian Times but to the SIXTIES, such was the sunny laid back atmosphere of it all.

We finished up with a walk through the Brunswick Centre, which looked like an ARCHITECTS IMPRESSION as it was clean, green with trees, and full of Happy Shoppers, Chatting Merrily. We were KNACKERED though by this point, so the Shops In My Shopping Centre and The Landlady headed off to see if they could get themselves on the outside of a DRINK, while I nipped in here to do some ADMIN, before my previously mentioned trip to the PUB.

It's lovely to do things like this - when you actually LIVE in That London you seem to see less of the Exciting Bits than tourists do, so it's GRATE to force yourself out and about every now and again, but LUMME, it's a bit knackering!

posted 29/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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