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You find me this afternoon with That Friday Feeling, both specifically today AND more generally. TODAY I am EAGER for the day to get moving so's i can NOT be sat around a bit bored but INSTEAD be on the train to RAMSGATE, where a) i've never been before and b) i shall be visiting, to ROCK, this evening. I'm playing in a pub, and usually gigs like that are DEAD good because... well, they're in a pub! Hopefully tonight will be similarly FUN. Then I've got a weekend of buying GUITARS (not for me, but still), wandering round LONDON, and going to pubs with PALS. Come on, OH TIME, get a wiggle one!

More generally it feels that way because I'm pretty much DONE with working away on the ROCK front and I'm ready for the FUN stuff to kick in properly. I've just, reluctantly, done the LAST of my List Of Things To Do (MYSPACE action) and after an extended period of Lists Of Things To Do (ROCK) and sending stuff OUT I find myself sitting around waiting for stuff to come back. Hopefully some of it WILL, but if all feels a bit STILL and QUIET today - come on, world of ROCK, i am ready for you! Let the weekend COMMENCE!

posted 27/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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