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Blog: People Who Will Be Severely Censured When A Grateful Nation Hands Me The Reins Of Power: 4

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Bloody Volunteer Train Conductors. On the TUBE for the past few days (I told you I am becoming a Londoner now - the tube the tube the tube and Property Prices) it's been RATHER full due to the biggest line being switched off - and by the way, I wonder why it is MORE safe to take off 85 trains and make half a million people completely fill up carriages than to run the deadly risk of a once a decade accident happen twice in the same month - and this has given COUNTLESS tossers the opportunity to feel more important by constantly shouting "Move RIGHT down the carriage". Like big old tossers.

Usually the REASON they are doing this is because they have noticed a MILLIMETRE gap about thirty feet away, and rather than take a picosecond to note that it's arisen because Human Beings are showing respect for other Human Beings and ALLOWING THEM TO GET OFF THE TRAIN, they LEAP at the opportunity to BELLOW and prove how very important they are, so much so that they HAVE to shove everyone else around rather than wait two minutes and get the next train. GOODNESS ME, it's no wonder your general londoner is so very less friendly than everyone else in the country, everyone has about an HOUR of this kind of nonsense to go through every day.
posted 30/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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