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Blog: An Altercation

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This morning I nearly got knocked down by a cyclist while I was halfway across a zebra crossing. This happens ALL THE TIME round here, as they Completely Ignore traffic lights, pedestrians etc - this, along with the fact that you REALLY have to check the "Sell By" data on milk, is on of the things about living in That London that I find most MIND BOGGLINGLY annoying. As it was Monday Morning and i would much rather still have been in bed, I turned and STRUCK him on the shoulder (that's how close he'd got) and said "[Hey!] this is a [flipping] Zebra Crossing! You [rotter]!" He stopped and VERY SMUGLY said "Learn Your Highway Code". I pointed out that not only was I already moving across the junction, but that, as previously mentioned, it was a zebra crossing, to which he replied "Don't be so self righteous" and pedalled, smugly aware. SELF RIGHTEOUS?!?!? He nearly knocked me over ON A ZEBRA CROSSING! CHRIST! I called back "[flipping] [rotter]!" to which HE called back "I could have killed you!" I KNOW! THAT'S WHY I WAS ANNOYED!


posted 2/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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