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These things seem to come in pairs - we've just had a couple more reviews in for WE VALIDATE!. The first is a rather lovely one from that nice Mr Crayola from Sarandon that's just gone up on Diskant. He makes the link that a number of other people have made between us and PROPER INDIE, and he is an EXPERT in such matters, so he should know! I always find it odd that this is so obvious, as although i feel PROUD that people would think we could fit into such a mighty lineage, it's not actually music that I listened to at the time or very much since, but I am also rather CHUFFED about it.

The second review is in the paper version of Beat Motel (and also a little way down on our WE VALIDATE! reviews page). It ALSO is a really nice review - I always think it's a bit naughty when reviews review the press release that comes with a CD, as nobody else is going to read it and, really, it doesn't have any bearing on how anybody else will enjoy (or otherwise) the album, although, I have to admit, I does think she has a good point! In future I shall endevour to utilise the bits of that quote that DOESN'T slag off other bands, honest!

posted 12/12/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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