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Blog: An Even More Mightily Momentous Moment

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Back to Caaamden today (where there were SO MANY Loonies sitting around on the steps that you could not get out of the tube station!), and off to lovely Key Production, where I handed in the FINISHED Mastered Album and FINISHED (this morning) Artwork. That's it - done! Two years and 10 months after we started, there's suddenly nothing left to do but wait a fortnight until it's actually made.


I mean, when I say "nothing left to do" I mean there's LOADS left to do. It's a weekend of writing press releases, writing letters, finishing off mailing lists and checking for swearing AHOY for me, as i PREPARE for the media "onslaught", but the actual thing itself, which hopefully you, dear readers, will in six and a bit weeks time (i.e. on July 21st, Release Day Fans!) be holding in your loving hands, is FINISHED. No more nudging the text along a bit, no more rotating images by 0.2 degress clockwise, no more redoing the violins or putting just a bit more reverb on. It's all in the hands of the manufacturers now!

I'm very very exciting.


posted 30/5/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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