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Blog: Bad Chips

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I have felt POORLY all day today - the only thing I can think of that it MUST be is that bag of chips I had on the way to the pub. For LO! I went to the pub last night, and it was GRATE. It was, in fact, The Dublin Castle, where I went to see the very marvelous Plans & Apologies, and MARVELOUS they very much were, even if they did only do two songs off their album and thus only give me TWO opportunities to sing along.

It was an evening of DELIGHTS really, including:
  • Saying "Hi! I'm from the label - great album, I look forward to working with you!" to The Band.
  • Pauly talking happily to the lovely Barb and Mark, until he realised they were German and then Suddenly   . Talking   . Very   . Slowly.
  • Being RECOGNISED by someone! For some reason it's ALWAYS blokes who say "Hey, aren't you MJ Hibbett?" and they ALWAYS do it in The Gents, ALWAYS when no-one else is around to Corroborate the fact. Cuh!
  • Seeing loads of people I hadn't seen for AGES.
  • The classic BAD SIGN moment: realising I had two pints of lager in my hands and thinking "Brilliant!" then wondering how quickly I could drink them both and get some more.
  • Managing to get home by proper TRAIN style train and bus
  • Realising that I WOULD be getting home within one hour, rather than three, and not having to dash off to get the 23.22 from St Pancras.

    Yes, sometimes living in That London is BLOODY GRATE. Actually, thinking about it, so far it's ALL been GRATE! Gor blimey Mary Poppins, 'free cheers for Larndan Town and no mistake!
    posted 29/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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