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Since last we spoke I have been BUSY doing a few updates to the website, to make it EVEN MORE DELIGHTFUL. One especially GOOD IDEA I had was to tidy up the SHOP a little bit. We've branched out in all sorts of Exciting Directions since I first put stuff up for sale online but haven't really reflected that in our Merchandising Methodology, which meant the whole thing was getting a bit cluttered, so i have TIDIED it. Now you'll find Albums and EPs listed in a seperate section to the T-Shirts (including the I VALIDATE! tour t-shirts, of which we have a scant few remaining), and I've also put the SPECIAL OFFERS for BULK BUYERS in their own seperate bit, just because recently people have paid FULL WHACK for things which they could get a bit cheaper that way, and that is something that has caused me WORRY.

It's not all been COMMERCIAL ADAPTATION though, I've also FINALLY got round to putting the pictures up for our recent tour. OH! How long ago and far away those joyful days of ROCK, SWEAT and BEER seem to me now, GODS OF ROCK i beseech thee, let it happen again someday!

posted 23/8/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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