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Blog: Tired Of Looking At Myself

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Last night saw me making a return visit to B3ta Towers where myself and Mr Rob Manuel gathered to begin the process of editting together the video for The Gay Train, which we filmed a couple of months ago.

Job One was to go through the 70 minutes of footage we'd shot and work out what was supposed to go where, and which bits were particularly good. This was quite jolly to start with, but quickly got a bit boring as we'd DILIGENTLY done lots of re-shots, and there was a lengthy section comprising of me singing the whole song sitting down, then singing sitting down by moving around, then singing it standing up, then singing it glaring straight into camera. It was all a bit much, although shortly after that there was the dancing viking and the FEZ bit, which was quite good.

It took quite a while to get through as there were several times we needed to stop and rewind to catch the time for a Good Bit, but eventually it was DONE and Rob set to transferring the whole thing onto The Editting Computer. "Estimated Time", it alerted us, "Two hours!"

I took this to be a sign from THE GODS OF ROCK that we had done ENOUGH for one night, especially as I was getting MIXING FEET i.e. a phenomenon which occurs when I have to listen to the same song for the fifth or more time and am possessed with the urge to RUN AWAY - this used to drive Mr Kev Reverb WILD [ish] with RAGE as he'd spend half an hour twiddling away at things and ask "Is that any better?" and I'd have no idea as I'd been drinking beer, watching telly, and reading Asterix books. I felt that the video would be MORE GOOD if we did it in short batches while it was still PLEASANTLY ENJOYABLE, rather than plugging away and hating it by the end.

Seems like a good plan to me - and it DOES look like it'll be rather good, I must say. Seeing it again made it clear that it's very MUCH an old-fashioned eighties-style MADNESS video, with The Story Of The Song being played out through LARKS and Multitudinous Cut-Aways, and the various "Two Terrified Tourists" bits ALONE will, i feel, be worth the effort of the whole thing. It'll be a good while yet before it is done but it will, i reckon, be GRATE!

posted 16/8/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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