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I nipped nervously into The Virgin Megastore yesterday to see if the new issue of Plan B was in - i say nervously because last time i ventured therein it was KERRANG DAY and the place was PACKED with TEENAGERS looking very clean, pretending to shoplift, admiring each other's heavily applied mascara, SLOUCHING, and generally making me feel OLD. This was especially the case when the bands started playing. "But this is bloody awful", i thought, "It's like somebody's heard Napalm Death and thought 'this would be so much better if it went on for HOURS, wasn't half as good, and involved a lot of petulant whining about being sensitive/enjoying the idea of looking at corpses. Also with some heavy metal guitar solos'". UGH! It was CRAP!

ANYWAY, this wasn't going on yesterday, so my metaphorical CARPET SLIPPERS went unworn, and Plan B WAS in, where there was a very lovely review of WE VALIDATE!, which is now in the reviews page (along with a lengthy review from DVD Fever from last week too). There seems to have been some confusion along the way, as it's Hey Hey 16K, not The Gay Train that "two million other folk... are in love with", but HEY! maybe not for long, for LO! tonight I'm off to help EDIT the video for the aforesaid VIDOE, and who knows what JOY may follow?

posted 15/8/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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