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Blog: More Showing Off

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My tiny head is EXPANDING a bit at the moment, as I'm involved in some sustained SHOWING OFF, re-writing the Official Vlads Biography to put some of the most recent EXCITEMENTS in. Sometimes you just want to type "But enough about us, how about YOU?"

I've also done a little bit of this for our new improved front page. IDEAS POWERHOUSE Mr T Pattison pointed out that it wasn't particularly exciting before, and might benefit from having a summary of recent activity and forthcoming thrills, rather than forcing new visitors to TRAWL through this very blog, and I think he's correct/

Meanwhile we have another REVIEW in, this time from DVD Fever. I'd not thought of The Other Rush Hour having anything to do with daylight savings time, but I guess it is a VALID INTERPRETATION!

posted 9/8/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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