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Blog: The Power Of The Press

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Yesterday afternoon WE VALIDATE! RACED up the Amazon Sales Chart by about 90,000 places, as we sold two more copies through them. "Something", I thought, "has happened!"

My suspicions were confirmed when I got home to find the latest issue of the rather brilliant WORD Magazine had arrived, with a rather smashing review from Ms Jude Rogers. It's dead good, and to celebrate the FACT that our Print Media Cherry is well and truly popped, I've put it online, along with all the other reviews, on the WE VALIDATE! Reviews Page.

There's rather a lot of them - i was quite surprised - and they're pretty much all GOOD. I've left all mis-spellings intact (including the MANY of my surname) as well as mis-quotings and, in some cases, misunderstandings, because HEY! I believe in presenting the whole truth. If anybody knows of any other reviews do let me know and I'll put them up too1

posted 8/8/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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I stopped buying word a few years ago - that is, I couldn't bear it for much more than six months after its launch - because of the appalling grammar, the spelling howlers and the factual mistakes. I bought one issue this year and was pleased it had cleaned up its act a bit, but it's still very amateur in the subbing and production. So, depsite having the best features, I don't buy it.
posted 8/8/2006 by Fire Escape

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