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Blog: Are We There Yet?

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You find me this afternoon POISED and ready to HIT THE ROAD - in about an hour's time I'm off to Euston station, there to catch a train to BIRMINGHAM and the start of the tour. I've got everything I (think I) need with me, my bag's VERY full but zipped up, my desk is cleared, my emails are pretty much up to date and I'm READY! Let's GO!

If all goes to plan I'm going to try and update the BLOG every day - I'm staying at Tom's for quite a lot of the time we're away, so will hopefully be able to use his INTERWEB so to do. I'll try and keep up to date with orders via the SHOP too, although it may take a few days longer than usual to get stuff in the post, especially if you're buying from abroad. I'll do my best though!

If you're planning on coming to one of the gigs I hope you ENJOY it, and do come and say hello if you feel like it. Also, if anybody's coming to the gigs AND is short of t-shirts do PLEASE consider buying one of our Tour T-Shirts - i am PLAGUED by NIGHTMARE VISIONS of having to store metric tonnes of them under my bed!

Right then, that's about it I reckon - see you ON THE ROAD!

posted 21/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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