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Blog: Excitement: RISING

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You find me sat at work trying to gauge how very much I'd rather NOT be here and out ON THE ROAD. Current Estimates are REALLY A LOT, for LO! tomorrow evening we're in Birmingham for the first night of the tour! At last! Also, WHOO!

The van's booked, the backdrop's made, the badges, the CDs and the tour t-shirts are ready to GO, and by jiminy so are we. I've got new flyers printed, we've got pricelists, and to top it all i've JUST finished off the Official Tour Booklet! YES, that's how organised we are, we've got a tour booklet full of FACTS like soundcheck times, promoter contacts, addresses, driving plans and ALL sorts. It sounds very sober and controlled, but READING it is a futuristic trip into a world of THRILLS TO COME! I can't wait!

Tonight I must pack, but also tonight we're having a CELEBRATORY CURRY, as today is a special day all of it's own. Five years ago today i went to CAMDEN for a drink with a young lady with whom i have spent the time SINCE gadding about and having LARKS and FUN with. YASS it is the ANNIVERSARY of me and The Days In My Year, and I think we may even have a small glass of BEER to toast the occasion.

It's all GRATE TIMES round here at the moment I must say - who ever thought it was a good idea to have to interrupt it with WORK?

posted 20/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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