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Blog: Bowlie All-Dayer

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They've just announced the line-up for the Bowlie All-Dayer that we're playing at on 27th August. As well as us (or maybe just me - not all The Vlads can come, so we need to work out if it's worth bringing a depleted team down) there's Strange Idols, The Leaf Library, The Gresham Flyers, Wintergreen, Silver Springs, My Favourite Dress, Linden, Brother Francisco, Pete Green and Citizen Helene. It's a FULL BILL. We/I'm on second to last, I think, but hopefully I'll be able to get down for most of the day. Apparently the last two events they've done have SOLD OUT, so if you would like to come, you might wish to GET IN!

posted 17/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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