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Blog: Set The ALARMS

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I've just seen that we're going to be played on Natasha's Weekend Breakfast on 6Music tomorrow morning - they have a spot called "Gladiator Tracks" where they play songs of over six minutes duration, a category into which We Only Ever Meet In Church rather happily falls. I'm setting my alarm for it, but it appears that most of the other Vlads are usually up at that time on a Saturday anyway. Is that even ALLOWED?!?

Meanwhile planning continues for MAIDA VALE on Monday - I am oddly CALM about the whole thing I must say, possibly because I can't quite believe it's going to happen. We're taking a few people in with us this time, unlike when we did the Raw Talent Session up in Hull, and played to nobdoy, so hopefully it'll be a bit less TERRIFYING than that one was!

posted 14/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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