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Blog: A Slew Of Reviews

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CORKS, there's been an AVALANCHE of STUFF in today... well, OK, a heavy snowfall of them, but still quite a few.

First of all, that lovely review at SANDMAN is now online (HERE, as is my somewhat excitable INTERVIEW.

There's DOUBLE FACT ACTION over at King Of Quiet too, with rather in-depth reviews of the album and also Saturday's Gig. He's right about "epitome", DRAT IT!

And still the FACTS continue, with Breaks In The Journey getting an airing on this week's Johnny Yeah Show, and also those lovely chaps at Unpeeled have added to their coverage with a rather nice BANNER AD.

It's all go I must say, and it all FEEDS my HUNGER for ROCK - oh The Tour! Why must you be so far away?

posted 12/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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