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Rejoice, Children Of The Future, there is news of ROCK! It looks like I'll be heading back up to Leicester next week, probably on the Friday, to do some Consulting, so in a fit of EXCITEMENT I have booked in with Mr Reverb to RECOMMENCE the Mixing Process that, one day, will bring a completed "This Is Not A Library" into the hands of a grateful nation. I'm a little STUNNED I must say, as I've been waiting (it feels like) AGES to get going on this again, and doing so was PEASY. COOL.

I also have a VAGUE idea for a song for a compilation album which I haven't actually been invited to be on (yet), but still. Also the REDESIGN of the site progresses APACE and is looking rather jolly - the KNACKERING of the Central Line has had the beneficial effect of a) introducing me to routes into work that are quicker (although not going the other way) and b) making me stay in work before hitting the TOWN and thus DOING some work, also non-work. Anyway, can't stop here chattering all day - tonight I'm off to see the MIGHTY Plans & Apologies, HOORAH!
posted 28/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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