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Hello to one and all, and welcome to the astonishing NEW LOOK (much like the old look) version of these pages. "What's the difference?" you cry? A good question, and one well asked - my dears i have grasped THE FUTURE, and am using BLOGGER to power this page.

Yes yes, all very 2001 i know, but truth be told i was INSPIRED by stumbling over Richard Herring's webpages. He's a proper person off the telly, and he's using the BLOG thingy to rev himself into writing action, and i thought "Hey! I could do that too!" I'm EAGER to get back into the ROCKING SWING of things, and i reckon utilising Modern Technology in this way on a daily basis will get me doing it.

So, here we are then. Hopefully there'll be almost DAILY updates of progressions in the world of rock. Probably this will be replaced by me moaning about trains, as is my WONT, but we'll see. Exciting though, isn't it?
posted 23/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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