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10.05 Panic Pocket / Po!
Panic Pocket: You Have To Laugh / Dirty Work / Pizza in my Pants / Front Teeth
Po!: Bus Shelter / In The Rain / Babylon's Burning / Bigger Wall / Lemon Girl

10.04 John Dredge and The Plinths / Robberie
MJ Hibbett: Bad Back / Have A Drink With Us (Drink Doch Eine Met)
John Dredge and The Plinths: Where I Used To be / Christmas Time Is Here
Robberie: The Broad And Narrow Way / My Story / In The Next Town (Same Old Radio)

10.03 Helen McCookerybook / John Osborne
Helen McCookerybook: A Good Life With A Bad Apple / Temptation / The Mad Bicycle Song / At The Bathing Pond
John Osborne: Go Shopping / First Date In A Supermarket Cafe / Two People Met In A Supermarket And They Fell In Love / The Household Aisle / The Charm Of 5.30

10.02 Matt Tiller / MJ Hibbett
Matt Tiller: Speaking Your Mind / Consensual Stalking / Things I Smashed / You Are The One Who Makes Me / The Last Will And Testament Of Matt Tiller
MJ Hibbett: Rock and Roll Mayhem / I Don't Have To Worry About That / Say It With Words / You're A Tory Now / Two Blokes, One Pub

pictures by Tim Parsons

10.01 MJ Hibbett / Dave Green / The Popinjays
MJ Hibbett: Last Christmas (in the EU) / Cheer Up Love
Dave Green's 80's Singalong: Last Christmas / Only You
The Popinjays: Perfect Dream Home / Vote Elvis / Buffalo / Too Jung

9.12 Season Finale Part Two
MJ Hibbett: Wallies
Royston Vince: Dimming Of The Day
Matt Stead and Rob Ash: Uke Jam
The Perfect English Weather: Spirited Away
The Boy In The Cupboard: Night Bus
Nathaniel Metcalfe: Alan Moore's Advice
Po!: Shake Your Life
Deerful: The Waves
The Indelicates: Juniverbrecher
Emma Kupa: Crystal Palatial 2

9.11 Season Finale Part One
A Little Orchestra: Flying Bulgar
MJ Hibbett and The Validators: It Only Works Because You're Here
Tim Eveleigh: Headrest
Kyle Evans: Who Killed HMV?
Matthew Shepherd: Free Falling
Ivor Game: Better In The Long Run
Matt Abbott: The Yellow Bus
Gavin Osborn: Adam Woodyatt
Jack Rosies: Something In The Water
Helen McCookerybook

9.10 Pete Green, Gavin Osborn, Keith Top Of The Pops
Pete Green: When I Close My Eyes I See The See / The Old Man Of Hoy / One Monday Morning
Gavin Osborn: Over Thirty / Keep The Faith Boys / Don't Know Enough About That
Keith Top Of The Pops and His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band: Morrissey Will Never Forgive Me / #ProperMusic / Two Of The Beatles Are Dead

9.09 MJ Hibbett, Matt Tiller, Peter Buckley Hill, Jenny Lockyer
MJ Hibbett: Payday Is The Best Day / It Only Works Because You're Here / We Did It Anyway
Matt Tiller: My Family Are Tories / My Name Is Laika / The Importance Of Self-Reliance
Peter Buckley Hill: My Dog Has No Nose / A Very Big Bang / Streets Of London
Jenny Lockyer: Mummy Can't Drive / You Make Me Steal Things / Teaspoon Of Your Love

9.08 Deerful, The Indelicates, Emma Kupa
Deerful: Two Thousand One Hundred and Sixty / Subjects Of Our Love / Moon Maps
The Indelicates: Everything English Is The Enemy / Cold Reading / Our Daughters Will Never Be Free
Emma Kupa: In The Long Run / Into Your Life / Halo

9.07 The Boy In The Cupboard , Nathaniel Metcalfe , Po!
The Boy In The Cupboard: I Won't Jump / End Of The World / I Would Do It All Again
Nathaniel Metcalfe: Music Jokes / University Life / Marseilles
Po!: I Took My Head On A Day / I Won't Stay / King Of Boots / Albert Stole My Heart

9.06 Royston Vince, Matt Stead and Rob Ash, The Perfect English Weather
Royston Vince: Forever / Flow Away / At The End Of The Day
Matt Stead and Rob Ash: Brambles / Aust Ferry / The Wend
The Perfect English Weather: English Weather / What's Another Year? / Try A Little Harder

9.05 Jack Rosies, Helen McCookerybook
Jack Rosies: Heard / Castles / Seasons
Helen McCookerybook: A Bad Day / Love On The Wind / London / Heaven Avenue

9.04 MJ Hibbett, Matt Abbott, Gavin Osborn
MJ Hibbett: Come The Inevitable Apocalypse / My Computer Guy Voice / The Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers
Matt Abbott: In Church On A Tuesday Night / L20 3BG / Wakefield Pie Shop
Gavin Osborn: Charlie's 18th Birthday / Don't Know Enough About That / I Am A European

9.03 Matthew Shepherd, Ivor Game
Matthew Shepherd: Now I Know You / Top Of The Tree / Summer Rain
Ivor Game: Welcome / Cornered / Highbury / Water And Wine

9.02 Tim Eveleigh, Kyle Evans
Tim Eveleigh: New Song #5 / New Song #1 / Tongue Tied
Kyle Evans: I Saw The 4th Dimension / I Want To Be The Numbers Girl On Countdown / I'm A Hypocrite / When I Was The Most Important Man In My Life

9.01 A Little Orchestra, MJ Hibbett and The Validators
A Little Orchestra: Chava / Dance Me to the End of Love / We Wish You a Merry Christmas / Jingle Bells
MJ Hibbett and The Validators: Can We Be Friends? / In The North Stand / The Advent Calendar Of FACT / We Did It Anyway
MJ Hibbett and The Validators with A Little Orchestra: One Last Party

8.14 Season Finale Part Two
Aidy from The British IBM - I'm Just Like You
Michael L Clamp - About our necks
Ruth from PO! - Look For The Holes
Pete Green - When I Close My Eyes I See The Sea
The Popguns - Bye Bye Baby
The Catenary Wires - When You Walk Away
The Tornbohms - The Only Flame In Town
MJ Hibbett - We Did It Anyway
Robberie - The Greatest Song Of All
My Favourite Andy - Light In The Sky
FakeDaveGreen '80s Synth Singalong (feat Denmark Massive) - The Kids In America
Kriss Foster - The Amateur Taxidermists Bird
David Leach - Cover Songs
Non Canon - Home Alone 3
Bill Botting - It's Gonna Be Easy
Owen Tromans - Korea
Keith Top Of The Pops - Two Of The Beatles Are Dead

8.13 Season Finale Part One
Ben Cosh: You're Not There
David Callahan: Such Strange Lovers
Steve Lamacq: NME Ansaphone
NJ Hibbett (and Lin): Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer
Ivor Game: Sunrise
Ay Carmela: An Empty Start
Harry Carr: Illness Or Animal
Gavin Osborn: Sweet Bedford
Jenny Lockyer: Ticket To Ride
Matt Tiller: Don't Mix Your Personal Life With Your Online Security Needs
The Indelicates: The Theology Song
Norbert and Daniel Dentrassangle: Scalpcliffe
Captain Lovelace: Banana Hammock
Frankie Machine: How Great Thou Art
Royston Vince: Ghost Woman Blues
Molly Naylor: Armour
Martin Austwick: Every Single Bird

8.12 Owen Tromans, James Brodie, Keith Top Of The Pops and His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band
Owen Tromans: Golden Margins / Ghosts / Moon King
James Brodie: Sally Contraire / When I was Four... / You Don't Need No Scripture
Keith Top Of The Pops and His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band: Wasted On You / Do You Want Some / #Proper Music

8.11 David Leach, Non Canon, Bill Botting And The Two Drink Minimums
David Leach: Office Dinner / You Had A Megadrive / Oh Gary Barlow
Non Canon: Economists / Crayola / Memory Beta
Bill Botting: Brisbane (on everything) / Flags And Wind Chimes / Treating You Right

8.10 My Favourite Andy, FakeDaveGreen '80s Synth Singalong (feat Denmark Massive), Kriss Foster
My Favourite Andy: Hummingbird / This Time It's Going To Be Different / Worth The Wait
FakeDaveGreen '80s Synth Singalong (feat Denmark Massive): Video Killed The Radio Star / Just Can't Get Enough / 99 Red Balloons
Kriss Foster: The Last Surviving Member Of The Crown Green Bowls Club / I Waited For You At The Service Station / Stop Feeding My Cat / Vimto

8.09 Paul and Cathy Tornbohm, MJ Hibbett, Robberie
Paul and Cathy Tornbohm: Forget About Me / Everlasting Night / Yesterday I Was So In Love With You
MJ Hibbett: Burn It Down And Start Again / Hills And Hollows / The 1980s How It Was
Robberie: Everyone's A Geek / Tomorrow / More Fun Than Me

8.08 Pete Green, The Popguns, The Catenary Wires
Pete Green: One Hit Wonder / Diminished / Tangents
The Popguns: Still Waiting For The Winter / Leaning On The Backline / You Must Never Know
The Catenary Wires: Things I Love / Sixteen Again / Throw Another Song On The Fire

8.07: Aidy from The British IBM, Michael L Clamp, Ruth from PO!
Aidy from The British IBM: Sugarwater / The British IBM / Hey Mikey
Michael L Clamp: Relay / Up With The Ghouls / Let's Get Fired
Ruth from PO!: Glamour / In A Mermaid Tale / Appleseed Alley / Sunday Never Comes Around

8.06: Royston Vince, Molly Naylor, Martin Austwick
Royston Vince: That's Where I Belong / Bubble / Gone Gone Gone
Molly Naylor: Poem 1 / Ask / It's A Lovely Day For Blame / Obituary Of A Failed Relationship
Martin Austwick: 10,000 Letter Of Love / What Do You Think Of When You Don't Think Of Me? / Let's Dance

8.05: Daniel and Norbert Dentressangle, Captain Lovelace, Frankie Machine
Daniel and Norbert Dentressangle: The Bobby McFerrin Song / Binker / Onion Rings
Captain Lovelace: Railroad Club / Meteo Marine / Two (Beyond The Pale)
Frankie Machine: Blackeyes / Excuse Me While I Reminisce (The Sky) / In Praise Of The Collective Noun

8.04: Jenny Lockyer, Matt Tiller, The Indelicates
Jenny Lockyer: Doesn't Really Matter Anyway / You Make Me Steal Things / Mouse Life
Matt Tiller: Save The Bee / My Family Are Tories / Henri The Amorous Lorry Driver / We're In This Together
The Indelicates: Remember The Alamo / Dovahkiin / Breath /Class

8.03: MJ Hibbett, Harry Cafe, Gavin Osborn
MJ Hibbett: Roy Wood In The Blue Note / Wonderful Christmas Time / Walking In A Winter Wonderland / We Three Kings / The Advent Calendar Of FACT
Harry Cafe: Susan The Rhino / Celebrity Anatomy / Egg Fertilising
Gavin Osborn: Was It You? / The Atheist At Christmas / The Town That Cancelled Christmas / Feels Like Christmas Now / Time To Go Home

8.02: NJ Hibbett (and Lin), Ivor Game and Ay Carmela
NJ Hibbett (and Lin): Streets Of London
Ivor Game: Watching The World Go By / Small / The Life You Know / I Like Being At Home / Be Good To Yourself
Ay Carmela: Don't Congratulate Me (for my mediocrity) / Dog Tired / Make It Up / Mad As Annie

8.01: Ben Cosh, David Callahan and Steve Lamacq
Ben Cosh: Pirates And Dinosaurs / The Day We Went On Trisha / Close Your Eyes
David Callahan: Apparition / Oppositeland / Strange Lovers / Thanks
Steve Lamacq: Roadying for Idlewild / First Gigs / Nirvana Interview / Bands That Let You Down / John Peel

7.06: Season Finale
Model Village: The Same Just As Before
Charlie From The Retro Spankees: Good Start
Liz From The School: Valentine
John Osborne: Schmoozing At An Evening Do
Peter Buckley Hill: Why Don't You Like Me?
MJ Hibbett: The Ballad Of Alan Moore
Simon Love: Elton John
Ben Moor: Valentine's Poem
Emma Kupa: Punch A Door Through

7.05: Ben Moor and Emma Kupa
MJ Hibbett: I Am A Hipster / Can We Be Friends?
Ben Moor: Who Here's Lost? (excerpt) / A Butterfly In Someone's Stomach Can Cause A Hurricane In The Heart Of Another / Each Of Us (excerpt)
Emma Kupa: Disappointment / Half-Sister / Consequences / Charlie

7.04: Simon Love
Simon Love: My Dick / Dear Boy / The New Adam And Eve / Seasonal Affection Disorder Part 2 / Motherfucker

7.03: Peter Buckley Hill and John Osborne
MJ Hibbett: Leave My Brother Alone / I Want To Find Out How It Ends
Peter Buckley Hill: Whalesong / 50 Shades / Close To You / Bonfire Night Song / Geriatric Love / Tram Song
John Osborne: A Boy Called Michael Jackson / A Pair Of Last Year's Trousers / Learning The Constellations / Kylie Internet Dating

7.02: Charlie from The Retro Spankees and Liz from The School
MJ Hibbett: Work's All Right (when it's a proper job) / Do The Indie Kid
Charlie from The Retro Spankees: Orange Moon / Bye Monster / There's A Way To Waste Away
Liz from The School: Never Thought I'd See The Day / All I Want From You Is Everything / All I Wanna Do / Loveless Unbeliever

7.01: A Little Orchestra and Model Village
MJ Hibbett (and Steve): History's Re-Written / I Think I Might Be You / The Future Is Amazing
A Little Orchestra: It Only Works Because You're Here / We Can Start Having Fun / Josefina
Model Village: Junction 30 / Can I Explain Myself To You / It Will Be Over Soon / Here It Starts

6.06: Season Finale
Robberie: Academical
Alex and the Christopher Hale Band: Seasonal Affection Disorder, Part 2
Matt Abbott: Breakfast With Sylvia
Martin Austwick: You're No More Than A Mile From The Beach
Pete Green: Divided By Zero
David Leach: Home
Frankie Machine: On The Back Foot
Chris T-T: Gulls

6.05: Frankie Machine and Chris T-T
MJ Hibbbett: Easy Christmas / The Flashing Santa / The Advent Calendar Of FACT
Frankie Machine: My Perfect Valentine / Emotional Graffiti / I'm Gonna To Kill Myself For Christmas
Chris T-T: Lines And Squares / Tunguska / Bury Me With A Scarab / 7 Hearts

6.04: Martin Austwick and Pete Green
MJ Hibbbett: I Come From The Fens / My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
Martin Austwick: The Day Of The Snail / My Sensitive Feelings / Methuselah
Pete Green: The Glass Delusion / Dream Of Firsby Station / They Played My Song On Radio One

6.03: Jurassic Park The Musical, The Mini-Skips
MJ Hibbbett: Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer
Jurassic Park The Musical
The Mini-Skips: Robot Love / His Panic / Evil/Shy

6.02: Tim Eveleigh and David Leach
MJ Hibbbett: In The North Stand / 20 Things To Do Before You're 30
Tim Eveleigh: Surround Me / Tongue Tied
David Leach: Hipster Problems / Mum Song / Jeremy Kyle / Accrington Stanley! Who Are They? Exactly

6.01: Matt Abbott, Alexander Hale and Robberie
Matt Abbott: Barbara From Scarborough / 10 Things That Maria Hears Before Closing The Launderette / Barbara From Scarborough Part 2 / The Lonely Hearts Of England
Alexander Hale: The Failed Soviet State Of My Heart / Fast Forward / Last Man Standing
MJ Hibbbett: Get Over It / That Guy
Robberie: Journeyman / This Dancefloor Needs Me / Seven Hills

5.02: Leicester Special 2014
Alexander Hale: In Upstate New York / Carry Your Good Name
Pete Green: Don't Marry An Anarchist If You're In Love With The System / One Day We'll Find An Island
David Leach: Forgotten Summer / Accrington Stanley (Who Are They? Exactly!)
MJ Hibbett: Can We Be Friends? / (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock

5.01: Spring Special 2013
MJ Hibbett: The Fight For History / Clubbing In The Week
Enderby's Room: Lakeside / Birds / Stars / T
Total Hero Team: Your Secret Origin / Get Over It / I'm So Much Cleverer Than You

4.10: Season Finale pt 2
Frankie Machine: Cheap Shots At The Bless
Chris T-T: Disobedience
Benjamin Shaw: Fine
James Agnew: The Ferryman
Peter Buckley Hill: Sheds Song
Pete Green:One Day We'll Find an Island
MJ Hibbett: Family Wedding 2021
Gavin Osborn: Closing Montage

4.9: Season Finale pt 1
A Fine Day For Sailing: Ballad Of The Bedsit
David Barnett: Slag For Love
John Otway: Josephine
Model Village: Hang Ups Goodbye
Elizabeth Morris: Europe
Jim'll's Brain: Pictures Of You
Jimmy McGee: A Little Bit Of Love
A Little Orchestra: One Last Party

4.8: James Agnew and Pete Green
MJ Hibbett: I Dream Of Superheroes / One Monday Morning
James Agnew: The Greatest In The Universe / They're Arresting Me Alan / Those Are Not My Arms
Pete Green: Subterranean Moseley Blues / Where The Music Still Plays / Tonight It's True

4.7: Frankie Machine and Gavin Osborn
MJ Hibbett: Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time / Strangely Attractive
Frankie Machine: Not Even If You Mean It / The Party That Will Last Forever / Never The Breaker
Gavin Osborn: I've Got Merch / Such A Cheeky Rascal / Closing Montage / Sweet Bedford

4.6: Benjamin Shaw and Chris T-T
MJ Hibbett: The Perfect Love Song / Payday Is The Best Day
Benjamin Shaw: Burn Some Bridges / I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got / The Birds Chirp And The Sun Shines
Chris T-T: Halfway Up The Stairs / Stop Listening / Elephant In The Room / Come Out With Me

Moon Horse Episode 4
In the final episode of "Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter" Geoffrey Livingstone, Moon Horse and Tiddy The Tin Man must call on all their resources to defeat the greatest evil Earth has ever faced!

Moon Horse Episode 3
In the third episode of "Moon Horse VS The Mars Men of Jupiter" Geoffrey Livingstone and Moon Horse's Arch Enemies, The Mars Men Of Jupiter, reveal their deadliest plan yet and we meet the evil mastermind who devised it.

Moon Horse Episodes 1 and 2
Exciting new thrill, starts today! In Episode One ("A Brief History Of Moon Horse") Sir Wilberforce P Hartington BA(hons) introduces us to the greatest heroes Earth has never known, with a whistle stop tour of Geoffrey Livingstone and Moon Horse's greatest triumphs, then in Episode Two ("The Secret Origin Of Geoffrey Livingstone And Moon Horse") we find out how Geoffrey Livingstone, Moon Horse and Tiddy The Tin Man first met, and why nobody has ever heard of them.

4.5: Peter Buckley Hill
MJ Hibbett: All My Loving / The Battle Of Peterborough
Peter Buckley Hill: Lorraine / Under The Aardvark / Bird Songs / Sausages Are Better Than Sex / Binman Variations / He's Dead I'm Not

4.4: Jim'll's Brain and Jimmy McGee
MJ Hibbett: My Grandad Is Nuts / The Stores Of Not To Be
Jim'll's Brain: Stalk You / My Bad Smell / Don't Make Me Work / Brain Damage
Jimmy McGee: I Don't Know Why I Love You But I Do / All The Jive Is Gone / Fly Me To The Moon (slight return) / Only One Dog Came Home

4.3: Model Village and Elizabeth Morris
MJ Hibbett: Don't, Darren, Don't / A Little Bit / We Did It Anyway
Model Village: Josefina / Here's Where The Story Ends / 2003 / Perfect Scale
Elizabeth Morris: Capricornia / Wonderland / Dreaming / Tallulah

4.2: John Otway
MJ Hibbett: Theme From Dinosaur Planet / Please Don't Eat Us / The Advent Calendar Of FACT
John Otway: Cor Baby That's Really Free / Her Eyes Were The Lasers Of Love / Poetry And Jazz / Willy (In The Air) / Bunsen Burner

4.1: A Little Orchestra and Moon Horse
A Little Orchestra: Theme From Twin Peaks / Ghosts / It Only Works Because You're Here
MJ Hibbett (and Steve): Moon Horse vs The Mars Men of Jupiter - Episode One

3.2: Edinburgh Fringe special with a host of special guests
MJ Hibbett: The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B) / I Did A Gig In New York
Matt Tiller: Get Out Of My Personal Space / Henry The Amorous Lorry Driver
Helen Arney: Small Song Medley / Osteopath Song
The Plimptons: Sugar Cane Sally/Could I Be Loved (Medley) / Britpop Girl
Paul Morricone: The Spider / December
Chris T-T: The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin' / Giraffes

3.1: A Fine Day For Sailing and David Barnett
MJ Hibbett: Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid / A Little Bit / Lazarus
A Fine Day For Sailing: Caroline / Little Places / My Garden Is You / We're Happy
David Barnett: Tortoise / My Favourite Popstar / The Underwear Song / Never Kissed A Tory

2.6 Season Finale
Grand finale, featuring extra songs from all the acts this series, including Jenny Lockyer, Simon Fox, Peter Buckley-Hill, Superman Revenge Squad, Matt Tiller, The Understudies, Keith Top Of The Pops, Vom Vorton, Owen Tromans, Tim Eveleigh, More Bad Times, A Fine Day For Sailing, MJ Hibbett (and Steve)

2.5: Tim Eveleigh, More Bad Times and A Fine Day For Sailing
MJ Hibbett: Things'll Be Different (when I'm in Charge) / Clubbing In The Week / The Lesson Of The Smiths
Tim Eveleigh: Impatience
More Bad Times: Theme From More Bad Times / I Want You Here / Italian Reggae
A Fine Day For Sailing: Ballad Of The Bedsit / Village Idiot

2.4: Vom Vorton and Owen Tromans
MJ Hibbett (and Steve): Theme From Dinosaur Planet / Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates / We've Done Something Evil
Vom Vorton: Dog Scientists / Brokeback Workbench / Teenwolf
Owen Tromans: Barmaids / Levitate Me Judith / Ghosts! / I Won't Forget Our Songs

2.3 The Understudies and Keith TOTP
MJ Hibbett: Just One Finger / A Little Bit Excited / That Was Margaret Thatcher
The Understudies: Flick Knives / A Girl I Used To Knock About With / Everybody Deserves At Least On Summer Of Love
Keith TOTp: I Think About You All The Time / A Slag To Love / Two Of The Beatles Are Dead / I Hate Your Band

2.2 Superman Revenge Squad and Matt Tiller
MJ Hibbett: Only A Robot / My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once / Fucking Hippy
Superman Revenge Squad: I'm Ever So Slightly Spontaneous When It Comes To A Crisis / The Persistence Of Time / Flavor Flav
Matt Tiller: I Asked For Homework / Drake Hotel / Erection In The Naturist Camp

2.1 Jenny Lockyer, Simon Fox, Peter Buckley-Hill
MJ Hibbett: Girlfriend Alarmed / We're The Mars Men of Jupiter / I'm Saying Yes
Jenny Lockyer: Belly Button / Albert The Dragon / Nelly's Knickers
Simon Fox: Grumpy Man Blues / Tired / Jeane
Peter Buckley-Hill: Why Don't You Like Me / Dodo song / He's Dead I'm Not / Love Of The Comedy People

1.7 Season Finale
A big ENCORE for the series with extra songs from Gavin Osborne, Dr Neil, Winston Echo, Pete Green, Frankie Machine, Jimmy McGee, Jenny Lockyer, Fakebit Polytechnic, Helen Arney, Tim Eveleigh, MJ Hibbett, Andy Pocketbooks and Chris T-T.

1.6 Andy Pocketbooks and Chris T-T
MJ Hibbett: The Gay Train / I Got You What You Want For Christmas / The Advent Calendar Of FACT
Andy Pocketbooks: Christmas In Your Sights / Sidewalk Cafe / Winding Down For Christmas
Chris T-T: Boxing Day (Leftovers) / Market Square / Love Is Not Rescue / Words Fail Me

1.5 Helen Arney and Tim Eveleigh
MJ Hibbett: I'll Never Drink Again / Red And White Sockets / I Did A Gig In New York
Helen Arney: Strongwoman With A Broken Heart / Office Party / Christmas Dinner Microwave Meal for One
Tim Eveleigh: Friends / Manual / Select

1.4 Fakebit Polytechnic and Jenny Lockyer
MJ Hibbett: Praise The Traffic Warden / Call The Lyric Police / Everybody Let's Get Together / Where Is My Torch?
Fakebit Polytechnic: Why Can't I Be Like Lee Coombs? / Daft Punk Is Playing In Poundland / ADD Like Me / On Facebook
Jenny Lockyer: Granny Pearl / Dumped Me Too / The Washing Line / Chocolate Cake

1.3 Frankie Machine and Jimmy McGee
MJ Hibbett: Never Going Back To Aldi's / Another Man's Laundry (hanging on your line) / Do The Indie Kid
Frankie Machine: Shilton's Fingertips / How Great Thou Art / The Sexy Dreams Of Frankie Machine
Jimmy from the Bobby McGees: You Didn't Tell Me Your Granny Was A Wham Fan / Are You Looking At My Ukelele? / The Woman Of My Dreams / 69 Ways To make A Woman Come

1.2 Winston Echo and Pete Green
MJ Hibbett: Good Luck In Your New Job / Leave My Brother Alone / The Fight For History / Other Bands' Setlists
Winston Echo: The Job Song / Hip Hop Song / Bureau de Change / Never Be The Same Again / Dracula's Disco Party
Pete Green: Where The Music Still Plays / I Wish There Were Two Of Me / Fragile / Subterranean Mosley Blues / Up The Mariners

1.1 Dr Neil and Gavin Osborn
MJ Hibbett: The Merchant Ivory Punks / I Come From The Fens / It Only Works Because You're Here
Dr Neil: Face In A Meat Slicer / Malignant Work / Dog Toaster / Sea Hedge / Dog On The Horizon
Gavin Osborn: Let's Watch More TV / Glow In The Park / Albert Went Out To See Rock Bands / Over Thirty

Series One Trailer
Trailer for the first series.