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You're A Tory Now

MJ Hibbett & The Validators are rush-releasing a brand new single in time for the general election.

You're A Tory Now is about the sudden shock of discovering that one of your friends has turned into a Tory. It deals with the questions that arise when someone who shares your background has turned to the dark side, and the realisation that, actually, you can probably still be friends. It's a call for understanding in a divided country, which manages to also gently suggest that being a Tory is not something that should be encouraged.

'You're A Tory Now' is MJ Hibbett & The Validators' only release in 2019, but next year will see them putting out at least three new singles on a brand new physical format. 'We can't talk about the format yet though,' says MJ. 'It's such a good idea, we don't want anybody else to pinch it!'

The single is out on all streaming services from Friday 29 November - just in time to swing the election!


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