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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Thoughts of Chairman Hibbett

Cassettes: The Thoughts of Chairman Hibbett

For my second tape, recorded in 1996, for some reason I decided to go "dance". The best thing about it was the packaging. I made a sleeve for the tapes out of red card and in each sleeve I included a hand made booklet of with all the lyrics in it, sort of like "The Thoughts Of Chairman Mao". It looked really really nice and people seemed quite impressed with it when I handed it out in pubs again, but nobody would ever say anything about it to me after they'd listened to it. I think they were embarrassed. The only new songs we re-did with The Validators were Mr Right (which had the same lyrics as the second version of The Perfect Love Song on Free At Last and The Primal Rhythms of the Bolivian Nose Flautist, although "I'll Never Drink Again" and "Dreadfully Continental" may, one day, emerge into the light again.

You Walked In
Can't Believe
The Teacher's Mate
I'll Never Drink Again
Fucking Hippy
Johnny No-Friends
The Story of Voon
Hero of the Class
Bedsit Jazzfart
Mr Right
The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist
Take It Easy
Dreadfully Continental
Don't Be A Teenager All Your Life
I'll Wait
Time To Go
Your Girlfriend's Friend

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