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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Legend Of Voon

Releases With Other Bands: The Legend Of Voon

A compilation tape of all our obscure and unreleased tracks! In our case that meant they had to be VERY obscure. Obviously nobody apart from us was bothered, but I had a great time putting it all together and ended up writing The Curse Of Voon to accompany it. We "launched" the tape at what would turn out to be the first of several Voon Reunion gigs, and I think two people ever actually bought a copy.

Morgue Dancing
Domestic Bliss
Rather Spooky
She's A Spaceman
Decapitated Blues
Streets of London
Pilchards of Death
Santa is Coming
Get Back
Trevor and Sarah
Baby Don't Leave Me
White Rabbit
Child of the Moon
Spaceman 9
Really Love Your Girlfriend
How Voon is Now
It's a Message from Another World
Day Tripper/Day Care Centre
All Too Much
Deep Space Dippy
Boom Shake The Room
Prolapse Po and Cornershop
Here's Looking at Euclid
Stay Dead Elvis
Be With You

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