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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Lying To Mr Emerson

Releases With Other Bands: Lying To Mr Emerson

Voon started during my last year at Poly, at the same time as I was running The Casbah comedy club. Chris used to do solo spots playing his own songs and he and I and Simon used to get together to Jam once a week or so, and so when he wanted to do a tape of his own stuff me and Simon got together with him in the loft at Brazil Street to record this tape. Quite a lot of it was done at the same time as Yoghurt Flange - me and Neil would record during the day, go back to our house for tea, and then in the evening I'd pop back and play on this one. I played bass on all the tracks here, apart from Tarzan And Jane Regained, Long In The Tooth and Who Cares?

Here Comes Love
Turn Me On Deadman
Tarzan And Jane Regained
Tied Up
Turn Over
You've Got A Problem
Keeping The Faith
Long In The Tooth
Who Cares?
Everybody Does

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