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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Like A Braunstone Cowboy

Internet only: Like A Braunstone Cowboy

Compilaton of cover versions released to celebrate the 100th issue of our newsletter, "The Last Working Day Of The Month". Available for free ONLY to people who were subscribed to the 100th newsletter on the day that it came out, and deleted a month later.

When the 100th edition of our newsletter was on the horizon I thought it might be nice to do something to celebrate. For several years we've been discussing a Validators' Covers Album but never quite got round to it, and as getting permission to properly release cover versions is a bit of a HASSLE I thought this might be an ideal way of doing it.

After a little thought I decided to make it JUST my solo cover versions - goodness knows there's ENOUGH of them, and we might do The Validators' covers as a seperate thing somewhere along the line. The Validators were, however, VERY involved in choosing the title, with Mr Frankie Machine coming up with this WONDERFUL THORT, as he had done with our last compilation "Forest Moon Of Enderby".

Saddle Up
Fly Me To The Moon
I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
Friday 13
Two Of The Beatles Have Died
Rather Spooky
Work (Arbeit)
Sweet Child O'Mine
One Monday Morning
Vicar In A Tutu
Leaning On A Lamppost
Nine To Five
Keep The Faith
Boom Shake The Room

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