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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Each Pillow Is Tethered Like A Rock

Releases With Other Bands: Each Pillow Is Tethered Like A Rock

This tape came out as a companion to Ashtray Heart, and so features most of the same bands. Only fifty copies were made and to get one you had to drink 10 different malt whiskies at the Durham Ox. We all got score cards that Dave would stamp, so there was an aspect of competition involved to see who'd get their tape first.

The K-Stars' track is another from our sessions in the countryside, whilst Mind The Death is again the same version as on Parks And Gardens Department.

On the old Sorted webpage from 1997 it said "The tape consists of 14 exclusive tracks, none of which will be re-issued until the Sorted Records 8CD "Hits and rarities" box set planned for the year 2010." It actually took until 2021!

Killing Time - Performance
Shades of blue - Stormclouds
Crooked finger - Lid
Job Club - Kooky Monster
Live for today - Wrinkly pink catsuits
Old people are fucking rude - The K-Stars
Wired - Gonzo Salvage company
Svengali - Fish From Tahiti
Drowned dream wreckage - Kevin Hewick
Suprmalt/103.2 - The Freed Unit
TCR (American mix) - Prolapse
Diatonic - John Sims
Mind The Death - The Council
Surreal Neil - Noize 'R' Us

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