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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Brain Cakes EP

Releases With Other Bands: Brain Cakes EP

Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey decided to put out a compilation of 10 songs by local bands and get it all to fit onto a 7" single. Other bands had to write songs especially, but most of our songs weren't much longer than a minute anyway, so we just gave him this song that we'd recorded for our new tape. It was our first and only "proper" single, and we were very excited about it!

Dalmation Rex And The Eigentones - Giraffe Expansion Device
Holly Hobby - Who Built The Yard
The Washing Up Liquid - Deep Fried Chewits
Fish From Tahiti - Ecotronic
The Infra Red - Shark Fishing In America
The Freed Unit - Miraculous Loons
Lazarus Clamp - Epiphany For Filter And Map
Face In A Meat Slicer - Voon
The Milk Of The Stars - Mysterious Companion Object
F.P.V. Shark Fishing In America

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