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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Bingeing​/​Purging

Releases With Other Bands: Bingeing​/​Purging

Compilation CDR of some Far Out artistes!

You can get it online here:

Abençoada - YK Normativity
Wyat - Eye Surgery
Bethaniens Dust - Herzschlag
Discount Gnostic - Demiurge in Aldi
Durham Ox Singers - Horse Latitudes ( Dub Single Version) in dub
Fish From Tahiti - Bring me the head of Nana Mouskouri
Ghoul Baby - James Herbert (Prod. Spellbreaker)
Graham Dunning - Physical Midi (with Leslie Deere)
Felix Kubin - Schlafparalyse
Krank pappa - Emily Kicks her Youngs Out
Leslie Deere - Live @ KPPG
Liar Hydrant - Bed Time Tory
Mark Vernon - Kovil
Mr Mamadou w Talvakum - Sniper
Phillipe Zulaica - L'amertume des mots et la douceur de l'hiver
R.E.E.L - Hardy's Hanged Woman
The Ladywell Lout - Even If You Don't Really Know Them
Tony + Morris - Bubble
Vernon & Burns - The Mutable Minutes
Tenshun - Brain Chamber

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