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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Be True To Your School

Compilations: Be True To Your School

This is a "best of"/representative sample of the first 50 releases from Fortuna Pop! It was originally meant to be released in 2005 this looks to be finally coming out in 2008, although this was quite a surprise as I'd been told for the previous four years that I wouldn't be on it, and only found out i WAS when handed a copy at a gig!

You can get it online here:

Y Sun Over Discordia - Discordia
Home - Finlay
Oh Katrina - Tender Trap
Blinky - Sodastream
Itsuko Got Married - Bearsuit
Take It To Fantastic - Cannonball Jane
You're The Prettiest Thing - The Chemistry Experiment
Xs and Os - The Loves
Yvonne - micktravis
Rob A Bank - The Butterflies Of Love
Dialling Mitt - Spraydog
I'm A Tiger - International Strike Force
TK1 - Twinkie
Talking Backwards - Fanfarlo
T-Shirt Weather - The Lucksmiths
Work's All Right (if it's a proper job) - MJ Hibbett
Fallen Angel - Taking Pictures
Between Delta And Delaware - Airport Girl
Starving Hungry In Tescos - Mogul
Dialling Tone - Milky Wimpshake
The Walk - The Aislers Set
Too Old - Would-Be-Goods
You Can Hide Your Love Forever - Comet Gain
Small Music - Homescience

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