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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Ashtray Heart

Releases With Other Bands: Ashtray Heart

A compilation released by Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey - it was, I think, the first thing he'd done on CD, and we were all very excited! "Kitchen Sink Drama" was one of the songs that The K-Stars recorded out in the countryside, whilst Dirty Old Man was the same version that had already been on Parks And Gardens Department - nobody have ever really listened to the tape we made, so we didn't think it'd matter! There's also a Cha Cha 2000 track on here which had nothing to do with me.

With an M - Super 8
Louise - Kooky Monster
She Got More - Wrinkly Pink Catsuits
Excavator - Lazarus Clamp
Irritating Dub - Prolapse
Sixteen Hours - Performance
Gravity - Gonzo Salvage Company
Scientistrock - John Sims
Out of Control - Lid
Copper Beach Girlfriend - Anilmalskintin
Kitchen Sink Drama - The K-Stars
Upon the Telegraph - Fish From Tahiti
Dirty Old Man - The Council
Tres Cabaret - Cha Cha 2000
Power Trip - Slinky
Complaint - Whizzbang
The Assassin - Bloom
Killer Alligator - My Heads Going To Blow Up

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