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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 9

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, October 31st 2005 )

Hello all, welcome to the NINTH issue of our HARD ROCKING newsletter, let's make it HAPPEN!


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Saturday November 5th - The Labour Club, Northampton (with Winston Echo, The Retro Spankees and The Bobby McGees)
Sunday November 6th - The Lion, Stoke Newington (at The Light Programme, I'm on about 8pm)

I also MIGHT be playing in New York later in the month... but I've still not got it sorted out yet! Hopefully some news on this one next time...


Lots of ACTION this month. We kicked off with a Validators gig at The Charlotte in Leicester where, despite missing Mr Machine on the bass, things went surprisingly well. It was nice to see some old CHUMS too. The next night I played on my own in Wimbledon and had a GRATE time, and was especially impressed by Boo Hewerdine who was the main act. A week later we were back in Leicester to play at The Firefly and AGANE had fun and AGANE saw lots of old pals. I then returned for another GOOD night in South East London to ROCK The Fox & Firkin in Lewisham, before finishing up this last Saturday in Sheffield for The Fuzztival, a LOVELY day out amongst LOVELY people. HOORAH!


BIG news this month is that THE UBERSET is here! It's a LOVELY little thing in a CD wallet ADORNED with a picture of me doing KARATE on the front - hey! if everybody paid for the manufacture of their CDs, they'd ALL have pictures of themselves doing KARATE on them! It's 14 tracks of solo ACTION based on the UBERSET I've been playing this year, recorded LIVE in CATFORD last month. We're not doing it as a Big Proper Release, so it's not going out for reviews or anything, but it's available from the online shop ( OR from me at gigs. I think it is Quite Good!

The NEXT release will be the first FRUITS from our recent SESSIONS in Cornwall. "The Advent Calendar Of FACT" will be appearing on this year'sAAS Christmas Album, which'll be available from the AAS Shop (at next month. It'll feature festive tunes from most of our acts, and what I've heard so far has made me feel Christmassy ALREADY.

Meanwhile MIXING for "A Fridge Full Of Nice Things" continues apace, although we hit a bit of a snag last week when we discovered some of our MASTERS have been corrupted. It MAY mean we have to go and re-record "Better Things To Do" in the new year, but i take this as a SIGN from THE GODS OF ROCK that we can do it better!


My radio session for the lovely Marcelle Van Hoof goes out on Another Nice Ness next week - you can listen live at on Tuesday 8th November, or Listen Again afterwards from the same place. Amongst other things i did NEW SONG "We Only Ever Meet In Church" all on my lonesome, and one of my favourite songs EVER, "Fly Me To The Moon". I was quite pleased with it i must say!

I'm also hopefully going to be doing a session for Phoenix FM in January, and RIGHT NOW you can hear "Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time" (and other songs!) on rotation at Radio Sean at It's all good!


Lots to tell... firstly, I'm off ROUND THE WORLD in a few weeks, which will have some Site Implications. There'll be less updates at, and next month's newsletter will go out a bit early, but the main thing is that I won't be able to supply anything from THE SHOP during that time, so please Order Early if you want to get anything before Christmas! I'm leaving on November 19th, so there's plenty of time if, for instance, you want to buy The Uberset, and The AAS Album will be available from the AAS shop during this time anyway.

Talking of THE SHOP, we've just RESTOCKED the supply of Hey Hey 16K t-shirts, which seem to be going down rather well. I'm now launching a SCHEME for people to send in photographs of themselves MODELLING them whilst throwing a KARATE POSE, so if you've got a t-shirt and would like to join in, please send me those pictures! JUDO or KUNG FU are also fine.

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed we had a bit of trouble the other week when my service providers (Tripod - BOO!) downgraded my account, removed, and deleted loads of files. All is fixed now, but they've been so appalling about the whole thing (refusing to answer my emails except to say "It's All Working Fine!" and/or denying it ever happened) that I'm going to move to a new provider in the new year. The only reason i mention it is that this means will probably stop working when we move, so if anybody's being lovely and linking to me, please do it to . Thanks!

ALSO we now have an RSS link! I'm not ENTIRELY sure what that means, but I understand it's JOLLY GOOD, so if that's your JIVE you can find it at . GROOVY!

That's just about it for this month then - next issue in three weeks, and thanks for listening!



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