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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 75

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, May 31st 2011)

Hello everyone - it's a quick sprint through GIGS and the usual PROJECTS this month, so let's get going shall we?


Thursday 2 June - The Portland Arms, Cambridge
Supporting the mighty Chris T-T
tickets here:

Monday 13 June - The Wilmington Arms, London
I'm compering a Bradley Manning benefit, with Andy Zaltzman, Robin Ince, Elis James and MORE
tickets here:

Thursday 16 June - Nook Cafe, Northampton
The first preview of Moon Horse!

Saturday 18 June - Conway Hall, London
Appearing during the Hack Circus segment of Interesting 2011

Sunday 19 June - The Lexington, London
Afternoon preview (show starts about 3pm) for Moon Horse.

Check for more information.


The second series has now finished, climaxing in a rather SPLENDID finale which featured extra songs from EVERYONE who played, downloadable from We'll be doing a few special shows over the summer, one in London and two in Edinburgh, and then we should be back for another bout of ROCK in the winter!


The first previews for the new show are LOOMING OMINOUSLY on the horizon! Me and Steve are busily learning our lines even as we speak, do pop along if you can won't you?


Our BEHEMOTH of a concept album is rumbling onwards towards completion. Tim was in the studio this month to do some mixing and Tom and I have a couple more sessions in June, during which we hope to advance towards PENULTIMIX status. Incredibly this means we may even had a finished version by the end of July!

In even MORE exciting news I am extremely excited to say that the cover artwork is being created for us by Mr John Allison of Bobbins, Scarygoround and Bad Machinery fame. If you've seen me out and about in the past couple of years you've probably seen me wearing one of his t-shirts, and the work he's done for us so far has been EXTRAORDINARY!


I am going through one of my periodic COMICS PURGES over on Ebay at the moment, trying to make space for MORE COMICS. I mention this here because there is a piece of GENUINE ROCK HISTORY (hem hem) in there this week, the ACTUAL copies of "Countdown Arena" that I was buying when Alan Moore came in the shop, as detailed in The Ballad Of Alan Moore. I know! It's like someone flogging Elvis Presley's ACTUAL Blue Suede Shoes isn't it? If you're interested they're here:

On the other hand, if CD recordings are more your bag, don't forget our shop is always open - when the Dinosaur Planet album turns up I'm going to need a LOT more space there too!

Finally, thanks to everyone who visited the "I'm Saying Yes" video. I haven't seen much on the news, but I'm assuming it worked and we won, right?

And that's about enough for this month - thanks for listening, see you next time!



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