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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 63

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, April 29th 2010)

Hello everybody - we've got a re-release, a video and LOADS more to talk about so let's GET IT ON!


Tuesday May 25 - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic, with a preview of Dinosaur Planet: THE MUSICAL and the marvellous Ben Moor.)

Thursday June 1 - The Green Dragon, Croydon
(performing Songs From Dinosaur Planet!)

Yes, it's all getting a bit Dinosaur-centric now - check for further details!


As promised last time we've made a video to promote the fact that our lovely album 'Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez' is now available to stream or download via bandcamp. The video is HERE:

And our bandcamp page is here:

Any SPREADING of THE WORD re: these would be very very much appreciated - as it says in the video, I think it's a dead good album and I'd like more people to hear it!

The download version of the album also has 'The Drummer's Lament' as a bonus track, individual "covers" for each song and comes with a PDF booklet too. We're planning to release an album ever MONTH this way - next time it'll be 'WE VALIDATE!' and after that there's all SORTS of exciting NEW COMPILATIONS in the pipeline!


Yes, after YEARS of meaning to get round to it we're going to FINALLY release the second volume of our "rarities" in a compilation to be called "The Forest Moon Of Enderby". This should be out to download and in physical format sometime in July, with twelve Validators songs and, on the multimedia, about THIRTY solo efforts. Prepare yourself!


Steve and I are hard at work learning our lines and rehearsing for the Edinburgh Fringe version, which'll be on at noon everyday at The GRV from 5-14 August. Do pop in if you're up there!

Meanwhile work on the concept album continues, with a session for Emma just gone by, two for Tom booked next week and one for ME to go in and start glueing the dialogue together. We've also done a Special Mix of "We Are The Giant Robots", which will be appearing on this year's Indietracks compilation.


Talking of Indietracks, I've done a song for their blog, HERE:

It's a cover version of "Dreaming" by the marvellous Allo Darlin', who are a) also playing the festival b) BRILLIANT. I did hope that this would be the start of a TREND for bands playing Indietracks to cover songs by OTHERS in the similar situation, tho I have seen little evidence of it so far!


Finally, I've just about finished moving the webpage over to a new server - there's been loads of changes to the ARCHITECTURE of the system but hopefully nothing that'll be too distracting. The only aspect that I'm not completely sure is working is the RSS feed, so if you use that and have had any difficulties this week you might want to switch to this address instead:

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I know it's not the last working day of the month today, but I'm on holiday tomorrow!

Right, that's enough for this time - thanks for listening and see you next time!



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