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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 52

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, May 22nd 2009 )

Morning all! I know this is unlikely to be anybody's last working day of the month, but in order to try an minimise PESTERING I've brought it forward a bit to COMBINE with the pre-tour "please come and see us" email. Talking of which...


We're on tour - NOW! Here's the dates:

Friday May 22 - Mother's Ruin, Bristol
(with The Brazen and Horowitz, onstage 10pm)

Saturday May 23 - The Criterion, Leicester
(with Grace Petrie and a BEER FESTIVAL, onstage 9.30pm)

Sunday May 24 - The Wilmington Arms, London
(LostMusic night with Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring and Royal Trumpets, onstage 8.45pm)

Monday May 25 - The Packhorse, Leeds
(with The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut and Bees Niece, onstage 10pm)

Tuesday May 26 - The Stockroom, Sheffield
(with The Rocky Nest and The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut, onstage 10.15pm)

And then, without VAN...

Friday June 5 - The Buffalo Bar Cardiff, Cardiff
(with Misty's Big Adventure)

Saturday June 13 - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
(Validators set, with Waldo Jeffers and Moofish Catfish)

Thursday June 18 - Chinnery's, Southend
(Anti-Folk night at the Southend Fringe)

Friday June 26 - The Flying Duck, Glasgow
(Solo spot at Pinup Nights)

Check; for further details.


I had a WHALE of a time at the start of the month doing "Do You Remember The First Time" with The PopArt Allstars, then next day was upstaged in Sheffield first of all by teenage girls dressed as sheep, then by an avalanche of babies. There's no way I can fight against that! We had a fantastic night at out Album Launch at The Fly, and then I did the final, and most bizarre EVER performance of 'My Exciting Life in ROCK' in a forest clearing in an allotment on the edge of Brighton to some Troubled Teenagers. Expect to hear the full story when we take the show to BROADWAY!


Thanks very much to everyone who's already bought a copy of 'Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez' - everybody so far seems to like it, so we are WELL chuffed!

If you've still not got one, perhaps I could entice you with this rather splendid ADVERT?;

If that's worked its magic on you, you can get a copy from most online retailers, digital download stores or indeed direct from us, HERE:;

And if anyone would care to PROPAGATE the video around that there interweb I really would be IMMENSELY grateful!


In case you missed it, 'Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez' was Album Of The Day on 6Music last week. It was IMMENSELY exciting - Danny Wallace hadn't heard of us, George Lamb didn't like it, Nemone was very keen and apologised for saying Tim and Emma were brother and sister, and Steve Lamacq was as lovely as ever. It was, to be honest, all a bit mental!

We're on the cover mount CD for the current issue of 'Rock N Reel' magazine, which appears to now be called 'R2' instead. We've even got our first ever Magazine Advert inside!

Right then, I think that's about it for now - I've got to finish my packing, so thanks for listening, and hope to see you ON THE ROAD!



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