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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 5

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, June 30th 2005 )

Hello all, welcome to the FIFTH issue of our NERVE JANGLING newsletter. Let's make it HAPPEN!


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Friday 15th July - The Whistle Stop, Tallington (it's between Peterborough and Stamford!)
Saturday 16th July - Sanctuary Cafe, Brighton
Thursday 21st July - The Bull's Head, Birmingham

These are all solo gigs - the Tallington one is at Blyth Power's "Ashes Weekender", and I'll be on about 8 o'clock. Brighton's a mid-afternoon spot as part of the UK Anti-Folk Weekender, and although the Birmingham gig ISN'T a weekender, it IS at Ben Calvert's Bohemian Jukebox evening. There's also a Validators gig at the start of the month, but that's at a Wedding so I'm not really allowed to invite people, sorry!

By the way, you can check ALL the gigs we've got booked for the future by going to, and when we get late-notice gigs I tend to use the postcodes in my ROCK DATABASE to FACT people who live nearby - more exciting news about THAT later...


LOVELINESS has been a bit of a theme since last time. The gig at Catch 22 with The Bobby McGees, Winston Echo and The Diskettes was very lovely INDEED, and i felt like it was one of the best GIG PERFORMANCES i have ever done, i got Quite Excited about it! The Validators played in Leicester on the 18th, and beauty shone around THERE because of The Fighting Cocks, who played with us, and also the people who'd come along to watch, some of whom I'd not seen for nearly a DECADE. Finally we played a last-minute fill-in slot at The Bull & Gate on the 23rd, where the sound was LOVELY and we all got Quite Excited (again) about just how ACE the new songs are sounding now.


As mentioned above, we've been playing a lot of new material lately, with "Quality Of Life Enhancement Device","Better Things To Do","Tell Me Something You Do Like","The Gay Train","Mental Judo","Never Going Back To Aldi's" and "Looking At My Hands" all getting a LIVE AIRING. We also had our penultimate pre-recordings practice on Tuesday night, and so are RARING to go!

Meanwhile I spent a week mid-month in the house on my own, and passed the time recording songs for the PopGun Recordings cassette, which now has the title "Zipcodes". I've got pretty much complete versions of "If You Need Loving", "Hey William", "Sod It, Let's Get Pissed" and "Closer To You" ready for a final mixing, with "Zipcodes" nearly done and "Born Yesterday" yet to be begun. I'm pottering away at these at the moment, it's a WHOLE LOT of fun!


This month we've been on Lord Litter's show( in Germany, and on Kooba Radio ( in ... er... Lewisham!


As mentioned earlier, in my ROCK DATABASE I have the postcode of only about half (55.42%, MATH FANS!) of the people who i send this newsletter out to, and of the rest 60.45% are people who i am pretty sure live in the UK. I use these postcodes to ALERT people to late notice gigs and stuff, so it would be very handy to HARVEST a few more, THUS: let's have a COMPETITION!

Right then, for people whose postcodes I DON'T have AND who live in the UK, just email with your address (including postcode!) and the first FIVE people picked at RANDOM will get a free copy of "Shed Anthems" (or if you've got that, let me know, and I'll send "Milk & Baubles" instead) sent out to them.

And just to be fair, for those whose postcodes I DO already have or who live abroad, five people who email to demand PARITY will get a free copy of either "SR50", the Silver Rocket compilation including "I've Got What You Need", OR "50,000,000 Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong", the Stereoriffic/WIAIWYA compilation that includes "Give Us A Kiss (for Christmas)" - if you've got a preference, let me know. Also, if you ARE living outside the UK, it'd be lovely if you could tell me where - this is purely so that i can do a GRAPH in the future to locate Overseas Correspondents!

I'll do the RANDOM PICKING on the afternoon of Thursday 7th July, so try and get your responses in before then please. Hey! We may not have a smart club wallet, badge and secret password YET, but we're getting there!

That's that then, thanks for listening, more news (and not news) on the webpage and more FACT next month!



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