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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 49

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, February 27th 2009 )

Hello all, and welcome to this GETTING READY TO ROCK edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


I'm getting out and about a bit more this month as I start the run-up to the album tour, as follows:

Tuesday March 10 - The Green Dragon, London
(with Sue Verran, Jenny Lockyer and Matt Geary)

Friday March 13 - The Boathouse, Cambridge
(with Scott McKewan, The Three Amigos and Mr Barbs.)

Sunday March 22 - The Salmon & Compass, London
('My Exciting Life In ROCK' at The Hangover Lounge - show starts 5.30 prompt!)

Sunday March 29 - The Hope, Brighton
(with The Fighting Cocks and Larry Pickleman)

Tuesday March 31 - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic with The Gresham Flyers and George Death)

More details, as ever, at


We had an amazing time at the Leicester Comedy Festival, completely SELLING OUT (of tickets, that is) the first night and coming pretty close on the second. Much joy was had in Brighton playing with two of my favourite bands, The Bobby McGees and The Lovely Brothers, and the gigging month was rounded out by the usual beery night of CHAT and ROCK at Totally Acoustic with the marvellous pairing of Bob Fischer and Tim EVeleigh. All very good INDEED!


The big news is that the album is now FINISHED. We had a MASSIVE session at the start of the month doing final overdubs, mixing, RE-MIXING and mastering and got THE LOT sorted out. We then had a couple of weeks of MANIC ACTION sorting out the album artwork and multimedia and it's now away at the factory, waiting to be made. I hope to have actual real-live copies of it within the next week or so!

We've also got BOOKLETS which will be going out free with the first hundred or so albums sold from our online shop, and there'll be all SORTS of special offers and early-bird deals for newsletter subscribers. It's due out in the shops on May 11 - diarise NOW!


I'm currently trying to book the TOUR which will accompany the album launch. We've so far got a couple of gigs booked, but if anybody out there fancies putting a Validators gig on between May 23 and 26 please DO let me know!

And I think that's about all for this time - I'm still gradually writing 'Dinosaur Planet', but otherwise it's all FORGING FORWARD for the next album! It's going to be, I believe, GRATE!



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