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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 29

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, June 30th 2007 )

Hello all, and welcome to this nice and nifty TWENTY NINTH issue of our FESTIVAL-TASTIC NEWSLETTER. Let's allow it to OCCUR shall we?


This month we shall be playing the following places:

Saturday July 7 - Cornbury Festival, Oxford
(Short solo spot on The Word Stage!)

Sunday July 8 - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
(The Validators at International World Fall Day)

Friday July 13 - Lark In The Park, London
(Onstage at 8.15pm for the start of the Pop Art Weekender - more info at

Wednesday July 25 - Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham
(Solo spot, possibly with Horowitz)

Saturday July 28 - Indie Tracks Festival - Butterley, Derby
(Totally Acoustic solo spot sometime in the afternoon - more info at

Sunday July 29 - Indie Tracks Festival - Butterley, Derby
(The Validators play the main stage - more info at

Further details of all these gigs can be found at .


I had a jolly time in Leicester at the start of the month, playing Songs From 78s inside Sumo and some of my own songs later on in the courtyard, then went up to Leeds with The Validators next day for a GRATE night at Carpe Diem. A week later I did the double in Devon at the LLAMA festival in gorgeous Lynton, then next day came back down to earth somewhat with a very quiet gig at Bloomsbury Bowling Alleys. I finished the month's ROCKING AGENDA with a short spot at the Back In Time Live event at The Spitz, where "Hey Hey 64K" got it's live debut!


Recording AND writing sessions for the next album continue apace. We've now finished basic tracks on FIVE songs, with Emma's vocals, STRINGS, and EXTRAS still to do. We've also learnt up FOUR more songs and are hoping to get those started later in the summer. The latest plan, as decided last night, is to concentrate on getting the album finished and released around EASTER next year, primarily so we can go on TOUR again, in a VAN!

Plans for an EP have been replaced with something EVEN MORE EXCITING: a proper solo album, by ME! This'll feature some of the MANY songs we've never got round to recording as a band - more news on the tracklisting just as soon as I think of it!


There's several NEW songs up on the website, at Meanwhile "Warriors Of Nanpantan", our REST OF compilation from a couple of years ago, is now available from iTunes, along with nearly all the rest of our back catalogue - more details at

And that's the lot for this time - do please check the website ( for updates as the month progresses and hopefully see you back here next time for more ALBUM updates!



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