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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 185

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, April 29th 2022)

Hello all, and welcome to this LONG-AWAITED edition of the newsletter - let's get started!

Saturday 30 April - Bescot Stadium, Walsall
Opening the evening session of 'Spectrum 40' - further details HERE:

Saturday 2 July - The King's Lock, Middlewich
The Validators play 'Pop At The Lock' alongside All Ashore, Nervous Twitch, Jetstream Pony, The Just Joans and The Darling Buds - tickets HERE:

Check for more information.

I finally finished my PhD a few weeks ago, which means I've got time for some ROCK activities again. One of these is the blog, which is very much back in business HERE:

If you're interested in what the PhD was actually about (and who wouldn't be?!?) you can read a little bit about it on the aforesaid blog, starting HERE:

I've also started work on a new solo album, featuring a bunch of songs accrued over the past few years. I'm about 70% of the way through recording it, so all being well it should be out in a couple of months.

The rest of The Validators have been busy lately too. Frankie has recorded an EXCELLENT solo album of his own, for instance, which you can find HERE:

It's also featured on the GRATE Trust The Wizards podcast, HERE:

Meanwhile Prolapse, featuring our very own T Pattison, have re-released two Peel sessions, which you can find right HERE:

That's the lot for this time, thanks for listening!



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