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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 178

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, September 30th 2020)

Hello all, and welcome to this ACTION PACKED edition of the newsletter. Let's get started!

Our new single 'I Don't Have To Worry About That' is officially out on Bandcamp from Friday 2 October, on streaming services from Monday 12 October, and SECRETLY as a BADGE right NOW, right HERE:

The streaming version has two new tracks - 'I Don't Have To Worry About That' and 'Cheer Up Love' - while the badge and Bandcamp versions have two extra cover versions as well - 'Songs About You' by Language of Flowers and 'House of Fun' by Madness. The badge comes with a download code, so it doubles as physical media AND fashion statement!

There'll also be a VIDEO to go with the streaming release on Monday 12 October. Thanks very much to everyone who sent me video clips for it, it's looking GRATE!

My song 'Rocking Out But Gently' is on 'ISOLATION AND REJECTION Vol 4', a rather marvellous collection of tracks that were either rejected for other projects or created for compilations that never happened. You can get hold of it HERE:

I recently had an article published about how adverts in old Marvel comics interact with the main texts. It features Doctor Doom, Captain America, and fruit pies, and you can find it HERE:

Meanwhile, fans of graphs and very basic statistics would be advised to check out my Marvel Age Doom blog, where I've recently been doing some graphs and very basic statistics about Doom's appearances in various media between 1961 and 1987. It is GRIPPING STUFF, honest, and you can find the start of it HERE:

I’ve recently been collaborating on a Secret Project called ‘Jane And John’. There’ll be more info about this in the future, but for now I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could give it a follow on Twitter please, HERE:

And that's enough for now I think - thanks for listening!



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