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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 174

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, March 31st 2020)

Hello all, and welcome to this LOCKDOWN edition of the newsletter. Let's get started!

Thursday 2 April -
Totally Acoustic vodcast, with The Catenary Wires, Matt Tiller and Pete Green

Monday 6 April -
Totally Acoustic vodcast, with Simon Love and more t.b.c.

Check for more information.

Our new EP, 'People Are All Right', will be available on all download and streaming services from Monday 27 April, but the physical release version is available for newsletter people to buy right NOW, right HERE:

It's on an exciting new format: a BADGE! As well as being a delightful fashion item, the badge comes with a download code for 'People Are All Right (if they are given half a c hance)' and 'An Office Ballad', plus two previously unreleased cover versions that will not appear on the digital version. Details on how it all works are in the link above!

Totally Acoustic has gone VIRTUAL with a new series of VODCASTS! The first two episodes feature Uke Fat Barsteward, Helen McCookerybook, David Leach, Goddammit Jeremiah, Alex And The Christopher Hale Band, The Spearmint Sea and ME, and are available NOW, with the next one out tomorrow. Full details are HERE:

While setting up the Totally Acoustic vodcasts I noticed lots of old stuff lurking in my YouTube account that I'd never made public, including live versions of some of me and Steve's shows. I thought it might be fun to UNLEASH a few of them, starting with 'Moon Horse vs The Mars Men Of Jupiter' from way back in 2011, HERE:

Fellow Plinth John Dredge has started a brand new series of his 'Nothing To Do With Anything Show' podcast. It is both AMAZING and AVAILABLE, right HERE:

And that's your lot for now - stay safe, and thanks for listening!



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