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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 170

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, October 31st 2019)

Hello all, and welcome to this ENTIRELY ELECTABLE edition of the newsletter. Let's get started!

Thursday 21 November - The King & Queen, London.
With Robberie, Po! and a special guest appearance by John Dredge & The Plinths. Doors 7pm, starts 7.30pm.

Check more information.

Totally Acoustic is back with a star-studded line-up on 21 November, and then we'll be carrying on with gigs every other month next year. I'd love to tell you the dates, but we need to wait until The King & Queen get their 2020 diary from the brewery!

Tom and Emma have been in the studio this month to record their parts for the new batch of songs. Next stage: Mixing!

A new track by The Plinths, 'Christmas Time Is Here', will be appearing on this year's compilation from Very Cherry. More details next time!

The Validators will be re-releasing 'Last Christmas (in the EU)' this year and, we hope, every year. We did consider doing a remix, but realised that this would probably end up being 95% the same as last year's version, with the other 5% much worse.

And that's all the searing political commentary we have time for this time - thanks for listening!



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