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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 16

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, May 31st 2006 )

Hello all, and welcome to the SWEET SIXTEENTH issue of our SLIGHTLY EXCITABLE newsletter. Let's make it HAPPEN shall we?


The big news is that we've now got copies of both the album "WE VALIDATE!" and the single "Better Things To Do", and they look GORGEOUS. The album's out on July 10th with the single available from June 26th. I'll be sending out extra bulletins about these nearer the time, along with all sorts of other NUGGETS of EXCITEMENT.

To keep you going until then, you can hear the single version of "Better Things To Do" on our myspace page - Hope you like it!


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Wednesday June 21st - Number 10, London
Thursday June 22nd - The Living Room, Cambridge


We had a FANTASTIC Rocking Night out for The Validators in Nottingham at the end of April, then on May 1st I had a GRATE time, as ever, in the afternoon at Sheffield University before heading over to lovely Leicester for an evening performance. Finally at the end of the month I played at The Buffalo Bar in That London with the lovely Winston Echo and The also lovely Retro Spankees. It was GOOD!


We've sent a TON of promo copies of "Better Things To Do" out to Radio 1, XFM, most of the local indie shows, pretty much EVERYBODY at 6Music, and a whole heap of other people, and we'll be sending them the album in a couple of weeks. If you hear anybody playing the single do let us know, and if you hear it and LIKE it... well, you could always ask them to play it again. I don't want to suggest any awful "street team" sort of behaviour or anything, but if you do like it and want to hear it again it would be a great help to us!


The TOUR for July is now pretty much BOOKED - The Validators are playing in Sheffield, Cambridge, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds, Brighton, Leicester, London and Nottingham. Then we're going to have a very long lie down. MUCH more news on this next time around, and I'll be sending out a gentle reminder nearer the time too, but it'd be lovely to see you there. EXCITINGLY, there will be TOUR T-SHIRTS available too!

Meanwhile the video for "The Gay Train" is FILMED and is being edited together by Mr Rob Manuel. We had a LOT of fun filming it, hopefully it'll be looking GOOD.

With all this NEW STUFF going on I think it's time we OVERHAULED the website - the new version's nearly finished, and will have complete lyrics and sleevenotes for ALL the songs, more pictures, more articles, and will generally be MUCH easier to use. It should go live in a couple of weeks, so watch out for it!

And that's about that for this month's newsletter - stand by for additional updates in a couple of week's time!



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