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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 130

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, December 23rd 2015)

Hello all, and welcome to this CHRISTMAS edition of the newsletter. We've got CHRISTMAS, CONTESTS and COVER VERSIONS to talk about this time, so let's get to it!

Thursday 7 January 2016 - The King & Queen, London
Totally Acoustic with Matt Tiller, Jenny Lockyer and The Indelicates.

Check for more information.

We've added our new Christmas song 'Roy Wood In The Blue Note' to the ever-expanding Christmas Selection Box album, where it joins all EIGHT (8) of our previous Christmas songs and a whole heap of festive favourites, including a new-ish cover of 'Wonderful Christmas Time' by Mr (Sir) Paul McCartney. You can find all this AND a super video, HERE:

If you need even MORE Christmas in your life, you can do no better than to listen to this month's podcast, featuring a metric TONNE of Yuletide Fun with myself, Gavin Osborn and Harry Cafe.

In the new year we'll be back at The King & Queen with Matt Tiller, Jenny Lockyer and The Indelicates - the perfect cure for the new year blues!

It's been an exciting few weeks for The Writing - '6 Billion To One' got to the semi-finals of the Screenwriters Network High Concept Screenplay Competition and the finals of the Big Break Screenwriting Contest, 'Intern-National Space Station' is in the semi-finals of the Marquee Light Screenwriting Competition, and my play 'Captain Wonderful' has been chosen for performance at the StageWrite new writing festival in Bedford! You can find more details about all of this and excerpts from scripts on my writing site, HERE:

I'll be appearing on Berlin's Radioeins on Christmas Day with the ever-marvellous Mr Martin Petersdorf - I'm on about 7ish there I think (6ish GMT), and you'll be able to hear it HERE:

I've been blessed with TWO excellent cover versions this month. The first is a fabulous version of 'Hey Hey 16K' by The British IBM, which you can find HERE:

The second is a version of 'Flipping Hippy' (title amended for email filters) by The Sad Cardigans (which sounds wonderfully similar to how Voon used to do it). You can find it HERE:

And I think that's more than enough for this time - thanks for listening, have a lovely Christmas, and see you in the new year!



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