Doctor Doom Survey

I am undertaking this survey as part of a PhD at Central St Martins College called 'Doctor Doom In The Marvel Age: An Empirical Approach To Transmedia Character Coherence'.

Its main purpose is to discover Doctor Doom's core characteristics - the things that make him Doctor Doom. There are questions about this in three sections: to do with Doctor Doom himself, the world he lives in, and the people and organisations involved in the creation of his stories. To help you, each question is illustrated with examples for other characters. There is also space for you to add any characteristics of Doctor Doom that you do not think have been covered elsewhere.

At the end of the survey there are a few questions about your experience of Doctor Doom's media appearances. The whole survey should take about 20 minutes.

Please note that the survey is interested in your overall perception of Doctor Doom in any media, rather than any specific version. If you can't think of an answer for any question please leave it blank - finding out if some aspects of Doctor Doom's character are less well-known than others is part of the research.

When you have submitted the survey you will be invited to join a mailing list for updates about this project. This is optional. If you join the mailing list your email address will be kept entirely separate from the rest of the information you have entered and never shared with anybody else.

If you have any queries about the survey please contact Mark Hibbett at

This survey is now closed. Thanks very much to everybody who took part!