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Last Christmas (in the EU)

On Monday 3 December MJ Hibbett & The Validators are releasing a brand new single all about Christmas in Brexit Britain, to celebrate the arrival of their album Christmas Selection Box on streaming services.

"It's going to cost us a fortune, divide families, and be all we hear about for ages. And so is Brexit," says MJ.

The single, Last Christmas (in the EU), contrasts the pan-European goodies available for this year's Christmas celebrations with the meagre selection of homegrown food that we'll be stuck with if we leave the EU, and begs Santa to intervene to sort the whole mess out. It was produced by the band's bass player, Frankie Machine, and is accompanied by a video starring drummer Tim Pattison as a customs official.

As vocalist Emma Pattison explains, "We're pretty sure it'll bring the entire government crashing down."

"Or at the very least install Gary Lineker as interim Prime Minister," adds violinist Tom McClure.

Christmas Selection Box brings together all of the band's Christmas singles, including The Advent Calendar of FACT, Roy Wood In The Blue Note and I Got You What You Want For Christmas, alongside hymns, cover versions, and even a glimpse into the Christmas of the future. It's available on all download and streaming services from Monday 3 December, while the video for Last Christmas (in the EU) can be found on YouTube.

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