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Blog: New look/Old story

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I was intending to explain the NEW LOOK for the website today, but then Shane McGowan passed away so before that I think I am duty bound to share this VIDEO of me explaining how The Validators briefly met him (and Nick Cave) whilst on TOUR some years ago:

This story is entirely true from start to finish, including the FACT that both Shane McGowan and Nick Cave left before we went on - the only possible explanation for this is that they were NOT READY for the INTENSE ROCK we threatened and so went home to bed. THUS we stayed out later than both of them COMBINED! Also, Emma still has his sunglassess!

Now that solemn duty has been completed, a quick explanation of the website redesign. Part of the reason is that I've been meaning to make it slightly more ACCESSIBLE and easier to read on a phone for a while, so have tried to follow GUIDELINES to do so. However the MAIN reason is that I'm putting in an application for an Arts Council grant. I'll tell you the details when I find out whether I GET it or not, but the salient point right now is that the application needed an ARTIST'S WEBSITE. Obviously this IS that, but the header "MJ Hibbett & The Validators" makes it look more BAND-Y, whereas the application talks about the band stuff I've done AND the Steve stuff AND solo things AND Academical Publications, so I did a minor RE-BRANDING to make it reflect all that properly.

I mention this so regular readers are aware that The Validators have not been CANCELLED, nor has Steve been deemed insufficiently WOKE, and that everything is still exactly where it always was. The only person who really suffers in this re-design is ME, really, as it's made the site much more ALL ABOUT ME which, as anyone who knows me will realise, is not the sort of thing I like AT ALL. But I will bear it, for the cause of ART!

posted 30/11/2023 by MJ Hibbett

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I was just hoping against hope that you'd eventually notice and fix that "strreaming" typo on the front page. But, now, you might get an Arts Council grant, which has tempted you to refresh this website? Which means that you will only fix typos FOR MONEY, which is the definition of selling out to The Man. The Validators have been sidelined on the front page, but it was always and was never, so you had already thrown the Vlads under that mystery machine tour bus long, long, ago. The corrupting influence of the music business has struck, and we are all poorer for it. Well, except for those lucky grant recipients.
posted 2/12/2023 by pedant

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. If you examine the front page you will note that our friendly team have fixed the error free of charge.
posted 2/12/2023 by MJ Hibbett

I tried to do a phoner with Shane once. If you try and imagine what it would be like to do a phoner with Shane McGowan... It was exactly like that. It was around the time that he kicked off "The Popes".
posted 3/12/2023 by

McGowan and Cave left early because they were on a PUB CRAWL.
posted 12/1/2024 by

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