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Blog: Back To School

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Crumbs, it's been over SIX WEEKS since I last done a blog here. Apologies to the (I estimate) HUNDREDS of people who have been waiting silently for me to return - in my defence, not an awful lot of ROCK has been occurring!

That is all set to change now though, as the seasons turn, the new term starts, and a general feeling of Back To School pervades the land both metaphorically and actually. There is a whole HEAP of ROCK planned for the coming months, and I shall do my best to detail it a bit more regularly here in future.

In preparation for this I have spent the past couple of months working with our server provider Evinsol (i.e. Tim of Freedom Of Expression in his day job) to get these here webpages updated. This was necessitated by Tim needing to move everything to a new server and, when he did, us finding that most of the site had stopped working! It turns out that, in the years since I first HAND-BUILT the HIBBFACT 2000 system, computing in general has moved on somewhat, necessitating me doing a laborious trawl through every single flipping page of the site to bring it all up to date again. This has now been DONE, so we can expect the current version to keep running until at least the 2030s!

Another symptom of the Internet being around for a long time is that FLASH is, sadly, being dropped by browsers. As someone bang up to date with modern computing (er... apart from everything mentioned in the last paragraph) I was of course well aware of this, but I hadn't realised that BANDCAMP used to use Flash for its embedded players, and so I'd need to go through and UPDATE some of the older songs. I'm making progress on this, with all the songs on Say It With Words and This Is Not A Library working properly again, but there's still a few left to do. Until then, if you do need to listen to a song URGENTLY and can't find it on these pages, you can always access it via our Bandcamp site.

I trust this technical information was worth waiting six weeks for - next time, let's talk about OUR NEW SINGLE!

posted 2/9/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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