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Blog: Gigs And The Getting Of Them

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On Tuesday night I went to BOROUGH, to meet Mr M Tiller and to case out a VENUE.

The venue was The Gladstone Arms, where me and The Validators are playing next Saturday (the 29th, we're on first at about 8:30pm). It feels like AGES since I last played a venue I've never even BEEN to before, so I thought it'd be good to go and have a look. I am glad that I did, because The Glad is a LOVELY little pub, with nice beer, a most pleasant atmosphere, and Easy Access To Transport Links. It's quite small too, so if you're planning to come and see us (and if you live within 80 miles of central London then surely YOU MUST) I would advise getting there in a timely fashion!

The MEETING was to discuss the possibility of me and Matt going out on TOUR next year. Over the past few weeks I've been trying to book some gigs, with very little success. I emailed 14 (fourteen) promoters in London, and of those only THREE replied, with just Bark, who are putting us on at The Glad, saying "yes". This was a little bit disappointing, not least the fact that the VAST majority of people didn't even bother to reply - I ALWAYS reply to people who ask to play Totally Acoustic (except for one person whose Facebook message disappeared for some reason - this was about 6 years ago and I still feel bad about it), even when they have clearly emailed very venue or promoter in London asking for a gig for their Death Metal Band. Surely that is just MANNERS?

Anyway, I'd mentioned this on the social media and Matt had sympathised, having had similar luck himself, so we got together to see about going round the country together instead. We agreed immediately that we would NOT be doing this in a VAN, nor would we be going out and STAYING out, but rather would try and do somewhere between 5 and 8 gigs over a roughly six week period. This seems MUCH more sensible and do-able - I mean, I of course could happily hit the road for a whole month and eat nothing but Jack Daniels and motorbikes, it is Matt's health I am thinking of.

We got a LIST of places to try, three each to start with and then other batches to follow that, and agreed a rough area of DATES to do it in. The next stage is to start ASKING - I'm going to start with PALS, so even if they say "I haven't put a gig on in ten years!" or similar, at least I'm sure of a reply!

posted 20/9/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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Hi whats best way to contact you about a gig (derbyshire)
posted 22/9/2018 by Chris

mjhibbett [at] hotmail [dot] com! Or twitter or Facebook, or possibly wandering round London looking for me, but email first!
posted 22/9/2018 by MJ Hibbett

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