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Blog: New From Frankie Machine

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Anyone who's been listening to the Totally Acoustic podcasts will be very familiar with the SOLO work of The Validators' own Mr FA Machine. Over the years he's come and played MANY times and been pretty much GRATE on every occasion. I've ESPECIALLY enjoyed the last few times because he's been playing some BRILLIANT new material - well, I say "new", in-depth research (looking on the webpage) shows that he first STARTED playing this new stuff almost five years ago, when the gigs were still happening at The Lamb!

My favourite of these songs is "How Great Thou Art", a song which I have PESTERED him to release for AGES and which i have even considered NICKING if he refused to do so. The problem appears to have been getting it all recorded, but I am DELIGHTED to say that, half a decade later, he has finally FINISHED and has a whole new album available, right HERE:

It's called "Frankie Machine Has Been Shipwrecked On A Desert Island" and I heartily recommend it to you because it is GRATE. I've been listening to it all week and various songs have been taking it in turns to get LODGED in my BRANE all day. I'm told there's going to be a VIDEO for "How Great Thou Art" at some point soon - I've seen parts of it and it is a) dead good b) RIGHT CLEVER!

So yes, please do have a listen and a purchase if you can - it was five years well spent!

posted 30/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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