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Blog: More Conunundrum

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Today Mr John Dredge and I release our latest 'Dredge/Hibbett Conunundrum' video, and it is HERE:

It's part 3 of our "The History of The World in 2,786,402 Items" series, this time looking at The Gas Fire (although not too closely, as you'll hear in the video). John and I spent AGES filming these videos - the reason this one is in three locations is mostly because we had to have at least three seperate goes to get it right! We struggled with microphones, lighting, locations and ALL sorts but I think, by the end, it looks all right.

I realise that I've not been banging on about these videos lately, which is a shame as a) they're Quite Good and b) I banged on more than enough about MAKING them, you'd think I might mentioned what they look like once they're DONE. For instance, I did a whole blog entry about filming "You Need Knees" but never actually mentioned that it's now online, HERE:

We've been putting brand new videos up every week for a couple of months now, so there is a TONNE of Dredge/Hibbett stuff you can enjoy (or not) over on our facebook page (LIKE us! Go on!) or our YouTube channel. I reckon they're pretty good - all right the sound quality is not AMAZING and perhaps LIGHTING might have been an idea, but HEY! that's not what we're trying to do here, we are after LARFS! I believe at least some CHUCKLES are provided anyway, so I'd really like to get these seen by a few more people - if anybody out there is a COMMISIONER for TELLY, do get in touch! Failing that I'm thinking of stringing them all together into one big video at the end of the series, like a TV SKETCH SHOW or something, and then watching it on MY telly!

We've still got a few more films to come before then though - next week it's the final (so far) part of The History of The World in 2,786,402 Items and then hopefully after that we'll have our THEME SONG to show/sing you... if we manage to get it filmed in time!

posted 23/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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